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30 | 12 | 2020

The official lyric video for Absolution Trial, first single taken from "The leaf and the wing", the new Raven Sad album out in January 2021

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Raven Sad's upcoming release, "The leaf and the wing", comes out in January 2021

11 | 10 | 2020

Raven Sad's upcoming release, "The leaf and the wing", comes out in January 2021

The Raven Sad were born in 2005 as a solo project by guitarist Samuele Santanna, a psychedelic/progressive musician from Prato, who has been active in the Tuscan underground circuit for several years. The first demo "Raven Sad and other stories" was recorded in a few days and sent to the most important independent record labels. Many of them respond, but Lizard Records is the most suitable choice.

Samuele's music is in fact stylistically open and difficult to catalogue and this goes well with the philosophy of Loris Furlan's label. Loris proposes to Samuele the collaboration with Marco Tuppo (former leader of Nema Niko), with the aim of giving his compositions a more electronic and alienating touch, without distorting Samuele's psych/prog/folk inclinations. From this experience was born in 2008 the first studio album by Raven Sad, "Quoth", which in addition to Marco Tuppo sees the participation of many other musicians. It is no coincidence that Samuele, referring to Raven Sad, often speaks of "Laboratory of emotional experimentation", wanting to highlight the openness of the project towards collaborations with other musicians, with the common aim of walking together the paths of emotions. "Quoth", receiving excellent reviews and reaching the finals of the Italian Prog Awards in the category "Best debut album", conveys the name Raven Sad in the Italian progressive environment, and also in the international one.

Without wasting time, Samuele, with the experience of the first album and with the typical attitude of the multi-instrumentalist/producer, composes and records another album, "We are not alone", also published by Lizard in July 2009. The album is a concept based on cosmic questions, in which the author wonders whether the earthlings are the only intelligent race to inhabit the universe. It is not intended to provide scientific answers to this question, but rather "We are not alone" is an ideal soundtrack for possible reflections on this theme. Musically, in this new work, Floydian and ambient memories are more marked in the author's background.

Even if in a less massive way, also "We are not alone" sees the participation of other musicians, among which Fabrizio Trinci, Marco Chiappini of Gandalf's Project and the jazz musician Gilberto Giusto on sax. The critics welcome the record and it is again nominated by the Italian Prog Awards in the "Best Italian Album" and "Best Artwork" categories. Meanwhile, live activities and new artistic collaborations are planned. With the intention of bringing the project live, Samuele starts thinking about a real band. This is how the Raven Sad project becomes a real band abandoning the status of one man project. The keyboardist Fabrizio Trinci, who had already lent his keyboards on both "Quoth" and "We are not alone", joins the group and with him Simone Borsi on drums and Leonardo Barontini on bass. With this new line-up Raven Sad participate in the Record Store Day in Prato, record an episode of Sonar for the web tv UnoTV and are about to compose and record the third and new album. Just on the eve of the recordings of the third album Leonardo Barontini leaves the band and in his place enters Giulio Bizzarri, an old friend of the band, with whom they finish the recordings of "Layers Of Stratosphere", the last work of Raven Sad released in December 2011.

On April 17, 2018 Samuele Santanna's band returns to the track with a new line-up and a fourth album in the pipeline. For the occasion Samuele makes official the entry into the band of Gabriele Marconcini, former vocalist of Biofonia and Merging Cluster, Marco Geri on bass and Francesco Carnesecchi on drums, while his long time friend Fabrizio Trinci sits on keyboards.

Current Members

Samuele Santanna: electric and acoustic guitar

Marco Geri: bass guitar

Fabrizio Trinci: piano, organs, Hammond, synth, voices

Francesco Carnesecchi: drums

Gabriele Marconcini: voice

The leaf and the wing

Lizard ‎– LIZARD CD 0173|  CD, Album - Italy - 2021


1 | Legend #1

2 | The sadness of the raven

3 | City lights and desert dark

4 | Colorbox

5 | Approaching the chaos

6 | Ride the tempest

7 | Absolution trial

8 | Legend #2


Arranged and performed by Raven Sad |  Artwork by Jos @lookattheparkinglot |  Band pictures taken by Gabriele Marconcini |  Visual editing by Fabrizio Trinci |  Recorded by Andrea Benassai @ Sonoria Recording Studio, Prato except guitars, some keyboards and bass guitar on ‘the sadness of the raven’ and ‘city lights’ recorded by Lorenzo Lippi at Flat Recording Studios, Firenze |  Mixed by Andrea Benassai with Samuele Santanna and Gabriele Marconcini @ Sonoria Recording Studio, Prato |  Mastered by Andrea De Bernardi @ Eleven Mastering Studio, Busto Arsizio |  Artistic Production Samuele Santanna |  Executive Production Lizard Records and Raven Sad | 


Layers Of Stratosphere

Lizard ‎– LIZARD CD 0077 |  CD, Album - Italy - 2011


1 | Door Almost Closed

2 | Lies In The Sand

3 | First Layer

4 | Mind Flies

5 | The Highest Cliff

6 | Second Layer

7 | Lullaby For A Son

(Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Claudio Carboni)


Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals, Gong, Synthesizer – Samuele Santanna | Arranged By – Fabrizio Trinci, Samuele Santanna | Bass Guitar – Giulio Bizzarri | Cover [Concept] – Fabrizio Trinci, Samuele Santanna | Drums, Percussion, Gong – Simone Borsi | Executive-Producer – Associazione OpenMind, Raven Sad, Samuele Santanna | Graphics – Fabrizio Trinci | Lyrics By – Samuele Santanna | Music By – Fabrizio Trinci (tracks: 1,3,4,6), Samuele Santanna (tracks: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7) | Piano, Organ [Hammond], Synthesizer – Fabrizio Trinci | Producer, Mixed By – Samuele Santanna


We are not alone

Lizard ‎– LIZARD CD 0063|  CD, Album - Italy - 2009


1 | Infinite Lactean Seashore

2 | More Life Forms

3 | Are We Alone?

4 | Fluttering Flags

5 | Meteor

6 | To Write Me A Song

7 | An Awful Waste Of Space Part One

8 | Not Ready To Know

9 | For Lo

10 | An Awful Waste Of Space Part Two

11 | We Are Not Alone


Executive Producer – Loris Furlan, Samuele Santanna  |  Graphics – Valentina Cassano  |  Keyboards, Piano, Synth – Fabrizio Trinci, Marco Chiappini  |  Loops, Effects, Guitar Synthesizer  – Samuele Santanna, Fabrizio Trinci, Marco Chiappini  |  Producer – Samuele Santanna  |  Recorded By – Samuele Santanna  |  Vocals, Choir, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Samuele Santanna  |  Written By – Samuele Santanna



Lizard ‎– LIZARD CD 0056 |  CD, Album - Italy - 2008


1 | Have No Time

2 | Night

3 | Stars

4 | Ravens Floating In Space

5 | Talk To Me

6 | Those Good Words

7 | The Sad Raven Song

8 | Bartender

9 | Try To Understand

10 | The Hell We Have

11 | Raven's Journey

12 | In The End


Bass – Giacomo Cipriani  |  Drums, Percussion – Fausto Amatucci  |  Executive Producer – Loris Furlan, Samuele Santanna  |  Graphics – Valentina Cassano  |  Keyboards, Piano, Synth – Fabrizio Trinci, Gabriele Cecconi  |  Loops, Effects, Guitar Synthesizer  – Marco Tuppo  |  Producer – Marco Tuppo  |  Recorded By – Marco Tuppo, Samuele Santanna  |  Synth, Flute – Luca Boldrin  |  Vocals, Choir, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Samuele Santanna  |  Voice – Cosimo Chiaramonti, Giulia Bizzarri  |  Written By – Samuele Santanna